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New Waco Guy

Mr. Lucky

Feb 15, 2008
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<DIV id=ms__id14404>My name is Ben and my dad built a biplane in our tiny two bedroom home back in the late 50's. I grew up at airports all over the Pacific Northwest.
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<DIV id=ms__id14406>I have spent the last year doing research on building either an F-7 or F-5 Waco. I know about as much about these aircraft as many of the original Waco owners due to the hundreds of hours of research that I have done over the last year. If I don't know it I definitely know where to find it. There are three books that were printed by the founder of the National Waco Club, Raymond Brandley. These 3 books give just about every detail of what makes up anything Waco. I own all three and can easily access any of the information that you might need.
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<DIV id=ms__id14408>I would like to move this partial thread to a full time forum topic for anyone who wants to build a Waco. Please be forwarned that these are the most dificult biplanes that thereare to build. You will get almost no support from the Waco Aircraft shops around the country. Many have been sued by people for simply helping to provide information and I would probably feel the same if the same happened to me. However I know how to purchase plans or at least I am about as close as anyone else.
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<DIV id=ms__id14409>I believe that we should work as a group to gain the appropriate drawings from the NASM (National Air &amp; Space Museum) Archives Division.
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<DIV id=ms__id14415>Would everyone please check in with me so I know how many of us Waco guys are out here. I will head or help to head up this new Waco forum thread.
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<DIV id=ms__id14413>Here is where we begin! If you have questions now is the time to ask.
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<DIV id=ms__id14411>Ben
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