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notcher cutters ?


May 13, 2009
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experimented with notching using lenox hole saw in lathe and cr-mo tube
held in tool post. Lite threading oil. Tightened the lathe bed gibs so the cutter couldn't pull into the work on its own. It worked pretty well except
i noticed that the hole saws are out of round ! Well isnt that some crap !
I have looked arround for something better. I found something in the big
MSC catalog. It is some type of cored cutter. Like a hole saw but made
of solid steel with a center hole. looks like a pretty thick wall- maybe
3/16 from the picture. anyone tried this ?
(The lenox hole saws have welded sheet metal bodys and I doubt that they will ever be "round" using that type construction.) Have not tried
milling cutters or reamers yet.

Any thoughts ?


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