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O-360 A1A Crank in an A4A


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Feb 1, 2007
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I just bought an Acrosport II thatcame witha disassembledO-360 A4A. The engine is almost complete, but it is missing the crank. I found a nice yellow tagged O-360 A1A crank, but I am not quite sure if it will fit or not. I read the type certificate for the O-360 and the only differences between the two engines are that the A1A is equipped for a constant speed prop, and the A4A is not, andthe A4Ahasspecial length propeller bushings. I am going to be using a fixed pitch prop, but I may upgrade to a constant speed prop later. Can I use a plugged, A1A crank, in an A4A engine? Are the cases identical, oris the oil routeddifferently? I don't suppose there is a downloadable Lycoming parts manual on the internet anywhere is there?

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