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O-360A1A and prop


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Sep 26, 2007
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Nice Lyc O-360A1A, complete ready for assembly. Case by Divco, all steel parts, rods, rockers, gears, lifters, ect by Aircraft Specialties . Crank M003 also by ASS.
New cam, M003 bearing set, rod bolts and nuts , thru bolts, oil gear set , gasket overhaul kit, intake hoses , piston pins, caps, crank bolt, everything!

(4) yellow tag standard steel cylinders, less than 700 hrs, very nice ! Have new set of ECI 15357 pistons ( 9:1 compression), with ring sets. Also set of standard 75089 pistons aprox 200hr very clean.

Airflow performance fuel injection kit ( unopened box) JWO# K-1744, ( $3000.00)
EFii boost Pump ($ 700.00),B&C light weight starter and pad mount alternator ($1200.00)
Slick mag cores and harness, new fuel pump,flywheel , motor mounts , sump with data tag, copy of log book

This is ready to be bolted together and hung. Assemble yourself and know what you got. Was going to put this on a Pitts S1S project that I’ve decided to sell….$21,700…pickup only.

Also have exp Hartzell constant speed , compact hub ,Model # HCC2YK1BK, BLADE# 7666-4, with prop governor and governor line both OH 3/ 2009 with new log book....$2800.00


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