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Oregon Aviation Historical Society & Museum

Dave Baxter

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Nov 14, 2007
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For those of you that are not aware of the home built aircraft movement in Oregon back in the 30s One might like to know their was a battle with states rights over the federal government and one could build their own airplanes in Oregon that did not have to be licensed by the then CAA, and continued until WWII. the State of Oregon also issued metal license plates similar to automobiles, except a bit smaller. This Museum has a number of the airplanes and artifacts from that era including a Great Lakes Biplane owned and flown by Tex Rankin, and a Baby Fleet. Tom story I did not know, however Myron (Buzz) Buswell as well as Holly Fletcher, and Don and Dale Holmes I did know. I worked at the fire dept with Jerry Holmes Dons son, and also took his dad Don flying in my Starduster Too back in the early 90s. The Museums staff and principals were hit pretty hard and lost several due to the pandemic, and are currently recovering slowly.

Great Oregon Homebuilt Fly-In

The Oregon Home-builts are out to party!! Pilots and Builders all over the country have some pioneering aviators and innovators right here in Oregon to thank for the ability to construct their own aircraft! Van's Aircraft will come display their RV14A and be on-site to answer questions. The OAHS Museum is proud to showcase an RV3 for static display from local EAA chapter 31 while celebrating all things home-built.
Builders of all types of flying craft will descend on the Cottage Grove Airport to share their passion for aviation. These pilots are innovators and dedicated enthusiasts who believe in building their own planes and they are willing to share with guests how it's done.
Come see the Oregon homebuilt planes of all ages and types on display!! Dave​



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