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Pitts Horizontal Tail Corrosion


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Aug 18, 2021
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Oxford, CT. USA
Just had the fuselage blasted and I epoxy primed all. Very limited surface rust so it was a surprise to find a bunch of holes in the aft spar on the horizontal on the outboard end. The sandblasting was supervised and expert done, so something else had to be going on. I just directed the tube and much of it has pitting corrosion internal, on what I beleive is the lower side. The tube appeared to be plugged beyond where the stub spar slides in. Turned out that the plug was a cork!

The plane is an early Homestead built by the gang down there. Would this be a common way to seal the tube? I don’t see indication on the plans, so is this normally just open on one end? The rudder and elevator appear open and are not corroded. I can hear material rattling in the opposite stab too so I’m thinking I have the same issue. Going to try to replace both if I can extract the tube without destroying everything else.


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