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Pitts parts for sale

Jun 15, 2013
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Shawnee, KS
Pitts parts for sale…
  • My original Christen 802 oil valve (circa mid-1970’s?), with its original internal parts installed, which I believe to be in good condition. It is assembled, with its balls and spring lightly coated with aircraft engine oil, and the three port plugs loosely fitted. Price $80, plus shipping. See the photos that show the condition of the balls, ball seats, and oil line ports.
  • The Aviat repair kit for the Christen 802 (p/n 887-1) which I had installed and used for a few flight hours. Price $80, plus shipping. See photo (parts in plastic bags). A 3/8 inch allen wrench came with the kit, but I'm keeping that item. A photocopy of “Christen 801 Series Inverted Oil System Manual Issue D” came with the kit, but I’m keeping that item.
  • I have an original copy of “Christen 801 Series Inverted Oil System Manual Issue A” (circa 1974), which I no longer need. It has a few stains, but is in usable condition. See photo. Price $10, plus shipping. In full disclosure, a photocopy of “Christen 801 Series Inverted Oil System Manual Issue C” (43 pages) can be downloaded at this site: http://monrv-3.fr/docs/Christen.pdf But, maybe someone wants an original manual.
  • Unrelated to the above items… I removed my old comm antenna from the belly pan. It was in working order when I removed it. See photos. Price $40, plus shipping. I removed it because I now have a comm antenna in the lower right wing (wood leading edges).
Here is some background on the Christen 802 and the Aviat rebuild kit I’m selling…
I’ve been troubleshooting erratic oil pressure readings this summer, with my O-360 powered Pitts S-1E. It has the standard Christen inverted oil setup. I cleaned my Christen 802 oil valve (aka 3-way valve) and slobber pot. Then I bought Aviat’s repair kit for the Christen 802 (new balls, spring, O-rings, caps, circlips, and port plugs), and ran with those components for a few hours. Then I replaced it with a new Christen 802 oil valve. The problem has persisted, and I am continuing to troubleshoot. I have decided to keep using the new Christen 802 oil valve, and sell my old one and the Aviat rebuild kit. The upper ball chamber has a scribe line that does not extend to the seat (see the upper chamber photo). I'm not sure if that is normal or not, but it seems intentional (that is, it seems to be precisely done). I did not open up my new unit to see if it has the same line. But since the problem behavior did not change when I installed the new unit, I expect it is supposed to be there.

- Dave


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