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Pitts S-1-11B Aileron Wood Kit/Fittings Kit


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Aug 20, 2007
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I had Tony at Specialty Aero build me a set of extended aluminum Wolf Pitts S-1-11 ailerons and they are almost done so here's a few plans-builtcomponents I won't be needing...
Scheunemann aileron wood kit for the Pitts S-1-11B/Pitts Model 11/Superstinker. This includes all four spruce aileron spars CNC beveled, tapered at the tips and drilled for hinges, ready to assemble. Includes full length spruce leading edge nose spar, 1/16" mahogany plywood leading edge sheeting, 1/4" capstrip materialall CNC routed plywood noseribs,spar doublersand aileron rib jigs. This wood kit will build a set of stock, plans-built ailerons. $350 plus shipping.

I also have a complete set of stock plans-built aileron hardware including machined hinges (8ea)and waterjet cut slave drives with KP-3L bearings pressed in place (4ea). $500 plus shipping.

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