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Pitts S-1 Airframe Sale


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Apr 8, 2011
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I'm reluctantly giving up on my Pitts S-1D project. I've concluded that two airplanes are my limit and I'd be better off finding an already flying example in the future (and I want my house back!). I have not included the wing structure thinking that the hardware is worth more. If you're interested in the wings as a whole, let me know.

Thus, I think it's best to part things out so here's what I have to offer...

1) Fuselage $5000.00
-1990's unused factory (to the best of my knowledge) fuselage
-control stick torque tube with blocks and bearings
-Steen rudder, new, powdercoated
-new Grove wheels and brakes
-Bruton tail wire set with terminals

Note...engine mount, landing gear, and horizontal tail feathers are sold.

2) Wing hardware
-Anti-drag wires plus terminal ends (16 are required but I have 28 of them!) MSRP $872.00, My price $750.00 for all
-S-1 Ply leading edges from Steen MSRP 795.00, My price $500.00
-two S-1 wing bellcranks and two S-1 idlers with bearings MSRP $476.00, My price $300.00
-eight "C" or "D" model aileron hinge bases with HEIM REPB3N-2 bearings riveted on, MSRP $824.00, my price $400.00
-two S-1 aileron pushrods MSRP $50.00, my price $25.00
-eight S-1 spar plates, powdercoated MSRP $280.00, my price $175.00
-four S-1 landing wire fitting shafts and collars, powdercoated MSRP $156.00, my price $80.00
-four S-1 (a set) upper wing attatch fitting plates, powdercoated MSRP $92.00, my price $60.00
-ten AN490 threaded rod ends for making torque tubes on 5/8 inch 4130, MSRP $170.65 my price $100.00
-Steen Rib Jigs for "C" or "D" wings, make offer
-Pitts style pitot tube with static setup and some scuffs, MSRP $149.00 my price $50.00

3) Miscellaneous hardware and parts
-quantity (18) HEIM REPB3N-2 bearings, MSRP $1260.00 (& $70.00 per) my price $900.00
-S-1 fuel tank with flop tube from Steen, MSRP $675.00 my price $500.00
-quantity 8 tail wire mounting tabs, new, MSRP $110.00 my price $60.00
-set of Steen S-1C plans, set of "factory" plans with "D" model addendum, make offer
-random pieces of spruce and ply that I'll make a deal on or throw in!
-trailing edge material, I'll make you deal

All prices will go down until sold so check back.

I'm near downtown Atlanta if you wish to pick things up! Please message me for more contact info or more pics.







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