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Pitts S-1S PROJECT for sale. $28k. Engine removed for disassembly.


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Feb 25, 2019
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Boulder, Colorado
Update and edited:

After more input and discussion. Engine is coming off. For starters.

Why am I selling for those new to the discussion? I'm flying a Raven-wing Pitts built by Nick Cain and sticking with that. Different animal entirely. Black Pitts went to Chris Murley for loving, upgrades, and very thorough condition inspection and came back with an engine speaking even more loudly that it needs to come apart. It happens :(

Now asking $28k OBO for recently signed-off airframe, New Sensenich wood/composite propeller, spinner, and all engine accessories. Engine is being removed to be disassembled as a learning opportunity. This is a plane that was last flying on its way home from SMIZO's careful inspection PA to NC beginning of October 2021. It is apparent that the engine deserves to be removed, and a better engine should be hung in its place. I know from experience that it is easy to racecar trailer these things across the country, having already done it when I first assembled it one year and 70+ hours of flying ago (Aug 2020). I'm looking forward to the learning opportunity of taking the engine apart with significant guidance on the field and hope the airframe will give someone else a fairly straightforward project... just bring a good engine and put the wings back on and go fly :)

If even slightly interested, come on over to 9A9. Guest room and bathroom. Look at cool planes and meet cool people.

The airframe is exactly as it left Smizo's shop in Tunkhannock, PA beginning of October, but in the next few weeks we will be removing the engine and tearing the engine down for education and to inform what will happen next to the narrow deck conical mount engine that is currently mounted.

Here's a 360 view inside the cockpit (Thanks Google Street View!)

Google 360 Cam Cockpit View











Video of the plane flying in North Carolina.

Comb through my YouTube for further stalking.

Thanks for looking. I figured I'd get the news out there, because one way or another the plane will fly again soon, but either with a different engine and shipping it, or with the current engine plus money and time thrown at it before I can watch it fly away from 9A9.
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