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Pitts S1 Wing Hardware Collection


May 28, 2012
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Pitts S1S/E wing hardware available. As far as I can determine this is all of the Pitts S1 wing hardware, minus the slave struts and flying/landing wires. I was going to re-install these parts on my stock wings but I upgraded to Wolf Wings instead! I priced everything out on Brand S' website and it added up to a tad over $3900. First $2500 takes the lot.

List of included items:

Upper Wing Forward Attach plate
Upper Wing Aft Attach plate
Set of 8 Wing Wire Spar Plates
Set of 4 Wire Shaft Assembly
Set of 8 Wing Aileron Hinge Base
Set of 2 Wing Aileron Pushrods
Set of 2 Wing Aileron Bellcranks
Set of 2 Aileron Bellcrank Brackets
Set of 2 Idler Arm Mounting Brackets
Set of 16 Drag/Anti-Drag Wires
Set of 2 Aileron Idler Arms
Set of 14 Rod end Bearings
Set of 2 Lower Inboard Slave Strut Hinges
Set of 4 Slave Strut Hinge Brackets
Set of 2 Slave Strut Brackets
Set of 4 Aileron Brackets
Set of 2 Pushrods Wing/Aileron w/Rod Ends
Set of 2 Pushrods
Set of 2 I Struts
Assorted AN hardware, not complete collection though




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