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Pitts S1C For Sale in FL - $21k


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May 21, 2012
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***This is not my ad. I don't know the airplane or owner. I simply saw this listed in the IAC Chapter 23 newsletter and am posting it up here for you guys on the forum.***


One of my all-time favorite movies is Dirty Dancing. If you know the movie, you will be familiar with the line "nobody puts Baby in a corner". I thought about that when I looked at this month's headline photo. The airplane looks alone, cast aside, rejected as it sits in the corner of my hangar. It needs a new owner; a pilot who loves aerobatics; a flyer who will love her for what she is - a Pitts S1C built the way Curtis first conceived this airplane.

Her owner, Bob Summe was my friend and hangar mate for over twenty years. Bob is gone now and severely missed by those who flew with him. He was a pilot's pilot; a Marine Corp fighter pilot (F4) for twenty years; American Airline Captain for 30 years. Bob loved this Pitts. He would want it out of this corner and flying loops and rolls.

Maybe you know someone who wants to get into the sport. This is a great airplane for the "grass roots" pilot.

Pitts Special S1C (N818BB); Total Time Airframe 439: Lycoming 0-290-D2. Excellent condition, low time Pitts. Certified experimental in 1968, this airplane spent many years in a museum. Returned to service in 1997 (286 total time) with inspection, recovered and painted with Air-Tech process, top overhaul, new Hooker 5 point and re-rigged. Flown regularly, loved and meticulously cared for since then.

$21,000 with seat pack chute and fresh annual. Call Jim at 772-485-6761 or email: [email protected].

- Jim Alsip



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Mar 8, 2010
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I know the airplane and knew (sigh) the owner well. It's a very nice airplane In excellent condition. Has ferry tank behind the seat!

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EAA 14, IAC 36
May 8, 2012
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That looks beautiful.

Anyone care to comment how well an O-290 powered S-1 might pull a 200-ish lb pilot?

Is it long or short body?



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Nov 10, 2009
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SW Florida (94FL)
It pretty much has to be the short fuselage given the 1968 date.

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