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Plexiglass belly panel


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Jul 27, 2009
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My Skybolt has a Edo Aire Rt 533A navcom. To say the least it is heavy. The radio is placed in a stack at the pilots feet just behind the front cockpit and infront of the rear stick. The best way to get at the wireing for the radios is to remove the plexiglass panel on the belly of the aircraft and just under the radio stack. Hear in lies the problem. The panel was installed, like many other components with nut and bolt / screw instead of a nut plate. This is at best a diffucult two person job. I am trying to come up with a way to use nut plates, oh! the panel is on the inside of the fusalage skin so nut plates or something would have to be installed on the plexiglass. I do not think nut plates would work but maybe there is a glue on nut or something. Any ideas? Another possibility is to make an aluminum bezel that is jogged in the thickness of the plexiglass and then nut plates could be installed on the aluminum bezel. The other leg of the bezel would be attached ot the present skin and in the present method.

Any ideas would be appreciated,



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