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Plumb In the Top Tank With Solenoid

Oct 26, 2018
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Houston, Texas
So i have about 75 hours on 2AP since the rebuild. During the rebuild i plumbed the main tank and the inverted sump but left the top tank capped off. My thought was less maintenance and i would ever be going that far anyways. Now i am wishing for the extra fuel during cross countries. During the conditional inspection this winter i plan on plumbing the top tank in per the plans (attached). One idea i am kicking around is replacing the 104-HD Valve with an electric solenoid. This is appealing due to the ease of install and i have an available switch on the panel prewired and ready to go. I went ahead and purchased an automotive 1/4" NPT 1/4" Orifice solenoid but after receiving it I realize how heavy it is and I can't stand to install that in an airplane. Aircraft spruce does sell a 1/8" orifice Parker unit designed for a primer application. I am wondering if this size orifice would allow adequate flow into the main tank.

I am also replacing the spiral action gauge with a MGL Capacitive sender wired to the EMS. Here's the adaptor i will be using if anyone is interested.



  • SA-300 Fuel System.png
    SA-300 Fuel System.png
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