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Raceair Zipster

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Apr 16, 2009
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I have fallen madly in love with Ed Fishers last design the Zipster ultralight biplane:


The design for this pretty little bird has passed to Hart Aero (I am sure you have seen the multitudes of advertisements for it). The downloadable plans are available on Ebay for $19.99!!

Hart Aero does NOT inspire my confidence but that is no reflection on this great looking little plane.

I was hoping someone here might have some information. Ed Fisher's wing designs utilize his "wing widget" construction method requiring you to buy "widgets" from him in order to build his wings. The Zipster is NO EXCEPTION as stated in the Raceair announcement of the Zipster many years ago.

This is somewhat akin to the "custom extrusions" utilized by the Murphy Renegade (a way to make you buy their parts even if you are scratch-building.)

Hart Aero states that the wings are "conventional tube and ladder construction" This scares me because Ed's wings are fairly conventional aside from the "widgets" and I do NOT put it past Hart Aero to leave out this detail (You need to build the widgets yourself because they are not available).

My question:

Does anybody know if the Zipster wing has been re-designed for NON widget construction? OR Does anybody know how I can build my own widgets?

Doug Hart recently claimed the wings are design stressed to +6 -4 (I would assume that is at 550 pound gross with built in error (1.5?))

Can I trust that? MY AUW should be a hundred pounds below gross allowing for some light aerobatics.

Does anybody have ANY information about Zipsters being built? As far as I can tell the only Zipster was built MANY Years ago by the designer. I HATE the idea of being the first customer built. I need to find other builders.

I am getting the plans today (At $20 why not?) but I really need more info.

Any help would be great!



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