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Ragwing special questins

Dead Roman

New Member
May 17, 2009
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Are there any ragwing special builders on this forum? I have a few questions about the design and its capabilities. Im going to build this little barnstormer up as my first plane and I had a few ideas. I really would like to know what the design is stressed for and what the weak points are. I plan to mount an IO540 on the front and compete in unlimited this year. I figure I could probably do R/C style 3D aerobatics with that power combination!

But seriously. I AM considering using a VW powerplant and maybe setting the plane up for light aerobatics such as rolls and stalls/spins, maybe a few loops. This is all if modfying the airframe to be able to handle this kind of flying would prove to be worthwhile. If not so be it she will still be a fun little bird. I was thinking a beefed up firewall and boxed spars would probably do the trick.

BTW It took FOREVER to get signed up on this forum.Edited by: Dead Roman

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