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Ranger Engine opportunity

Jeff Brooks

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Sep 28, 2007
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Webster, NY
Hi All,
A friend of mine, John Ferrero, recently had a fire in his shop. he is trying to get rid of all his Ranger Engine inventory.
here is a list of stuff he is getting rid of:

3 crankshaft stands for working on engines
2 engine turnover stands
2 flat engine stands
fixtures for removing valve seats & guides
tooling for removing seats & guides
Timing fixture
Spanner wrenches for the ranger
piston ring gap grinder
approx 75 cylinder cores
approx 30 intake & exhaust seats
approx 30-40 intake guides
(4) oil tanks
(1) 6" oil cooler
(1) 12 oil cooler
approx 13 engine cases [some with crankshafts & some without)
1 1938 crank with the tapered shaft (rare)
approx 20 rear cases
approx 20 nose cases
(3) overhaulled cylenders [ 2 cylenders 0.020" over & 1 0.030" over]
many, many interal gears
piston rings
approx 50 ranger mag cores some impulse some non impulse
he said $3000 for the lot.

John has a PT-24 fusilage on it's landin gear, with:
a set of extra landin gear, wheel pants, fuel tank, wing struts and other misc parts - $2500.00
here is what a PT-24 looks like:

John has a Lycombing O435A engine completey overhaulled, on a Balanka cruise master engien mount. it has a Hartzel constant speed prop.
this engine has new mags, eng baffels, new ignition system, new carb filter. he wants $8500. outright , no exchanges.

John has a Ranger power case (the bottom of the engine) overhaulled with logbook for $4700. it has a pressure pump, engine mounts. all you need are the cylinders and the cam box.
john has 5 cam boxes (tops & bottoms) that need to be reworked. brand new cams in them.
call John at:270-210-5210. let john know you saw it on the forum.

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