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Raven 2XS Kit & Lycon AEIO540 - Back on the Market


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Aug 22, 2007
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$75,000 for the following:

All factory kits as provided by Raven Aircraft

Powder coated – fuse white, controls black
All formers
Instrument panels front and rear
Sheet metal
Nutplates installed
Controls including bearings
Tail grouping
Sprung aluminium gear, gun drilled, polished by Raven
Canopy frame (built by Raven) not powdercoated
Fuel tanks – main, wing and header
Andair fuel valve
Andair Gasco
David Clark Intercom
Some instrumentation/gauges (new)
Transponder aerial
Engine mount
Wolf carbon fiber cowl
Standard cowl, including sheet metal, nose bowl
Raven Cold Air Induction
Raven exhaust with polished collectors
Wheel pants for spring gear
Grove wheels, brakes and master cylinders
S2C style vents
Concorde RG25XS battery
Starter and master relays
Stainless firewall
Rudder cables etc (swaged by AS&S)
Tinted canopy bubbles
Raven inverted oil
Raven Spades
Some polyfiber tapes (bias, straight etc), flat and round rib lacing cord
Vans vent kit

Older photos:


Factory kits provided by Raven
Lowers built by Raven – uppers not started (in kit form) currently in Canada.

This is serial number 3. The prototype wings are different to the 2XS.


Lycon AEIO-540-EXP (Parallel Valve):

Lycon est 350 to 360hp
Port match and flow balanced cylinders
NFS 10:1 forged aluminium pistons
Crankcase O ring modification
Crankcase thrust washer modification
Complete engine balance
New performance profile camshaft
FM300A Fuel Servo
Skytec HT starter
90 degree oil filter adapter
B&C Vac 2/6 inverted oil pickup
B&C SD8 Alternator
B&C LR3C-14 voltage regulator
New Slick magnetos
Barrett Cold Air Induction

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