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Reconditioned Sensenich 76EM-8-62 Metal propeller (for S1S 180hp) FOR SALE


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Feb 25, 2019
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Boulder, Colorado
Hi Folks. Here's the metal prop, reconditioned and painted black with red tips off of Gary Debaun's Pitts S1S 180hp (PS5-C pressure carb). Was overhauled and comes with yellowtags following a little trip through the tulips and subsequent professional prop shop treatment. Blade tracking less than 1/8" when I checked it at the tips.

I wanted a light prop so I got a composite prop spec'd and built by Nick Cain and Sensenich. Stay tuned to Acrobum here on the forums and elsewhere for info on how it performs.

My motivations for getting rid of this prop are my desire for a smoother 4-cylinder and two blade prop combination that avoids certain harmonic ranges inherent to this 76" prop on the Pitts S1S O-360 platform.

I also wanted a lighter prop because I have a flange with holes in it.

Asking $1950 OBO plus shipping. Currently packaged up nicely in the same box my new 76" aerobatic composite prop came in right from Sensenich. Includes mounting bolts and drive lugs for 1/2" diameter bolts.

This one is on the higher side of pitch for an S1S but I was nonetheless pleased with its performance and I saw 2925 rpm flat out at 7,500' out here in Colorado on a Summer morning. True airspeed low 170mph true at 2925.

Don't want to store this as I've changed the drive lugs and there's no going back. I would like to burn the money as fuel as quickly as possible while someone who needs a metal prop for performance or CG reasons enjoys this prop.

Thanks for looking,


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