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Reflection on the day


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May 29, 2009
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Springfield, WV
I hadn't thought much about the holiday today. I mowed the lawn which with my bad back pretty much wipes me out for the rest of the day. Then I watched a few Pacific war threads on U-tube about the defence of Port Moseby.......I did reflect on what has been done to secure our freedom but not that much....

Then a few min. ago one question from Marcia instantly brought tears to my eyes....... "Was Walter killed in Germany or France?" (That would be Captain Walter Fisher, USAAC, P47 Sq. commander, MIA April 7, 1945. Declaired KIA a year + 1 day later. His remains were found several months later buried in a German church yard near the remains of the German FW190 pilot he had a midair with.) My answer, "Germany." Walter was her uncle. She was on Face Book with her aunt, Walter's sister. I went to my safe and fetched his Purple Heart(from an earlier injury) and his small bible. Her aunt has the 2nd Purple Heart issued for his death. She gave us his earlier one & bible. They mean much to me. I would have liked to know him.

One man who I never met, indeed his remains were finally found about the time I was born in 1946. I'm glad I remember him and thru him all the many, many 1000's of his fellows who also died(or sometimes maybe worse)....

For all those who gave their all for us, may they RIP .

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