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Rib Tacklin

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Aug 18, 2006
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I spent yesterday making 1 aileron rib (partial) and alot of expensive sawdust. Here's my questions:
1) How do you get flat surfaces when sanding. My built-up ribs (Acro Sport 2, but probably similar to both Skybolt ans Pitts)use butt-ribs made with a 1/4" piece of solid spruce. When I sanded with my orbital sander it left a crowned surface. When I tried a file, same thing. A few passes with the rasp and I had a flat surface that was way too small. See classified request for more spruce.

2) When cutting the capstrip that requires precise cuts at odd or compound angles, how do you make those cuts accurately. Or do you squirt in more T-88, toss on a gusset or plate and hope for the best? Orbital sanding didn't work and the jigsaw was a disaster.

WhileI'm not opposed to buying a band saw (if I could slow down the speed enough to use it on 4130), the table saw would take up way too much room.

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