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Rosette weld question


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Apr 17, 2012
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I was looking at 43.13 welding stuff, and came across this:

"Drill an 1/8-inch hole in the lower tube in the center of the intended rosette weld so the heat does not burn away the outer tube. This small hole tends to bleed off the heat from the torch and keeps the size of the rosette small."

By "lower tube" do they mean inner tube? Then does the completed rosette weld end up with a hole in the middle of it?

Also, it says that the hole in the outer tube should be 1/4 the tube diameter - but the inner hole is just 1/8", not a size proportional to the diameter of the outer tube?

I always assumed the rosette weld was a lap weld of the outer tube to the inner tube, but this almost sounds like they want an edge weld, at least on smaller diameter tubes.


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