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Rudder Trim: Bendable Alum or wood wedge


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Jul 31, 2020
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I’m at the point of Indecision. My CB-1 came to me with no rudder trim. Using various wedges, I found the perfect trim but I hesitate to glue or tape the wood wedge onto the fabric. The option, is to use the tried and true bendable aluminum tab and drill the rudder for rivets.
When comparing the two, I think that wood may be a better choice because once it’s adhered to the fabric, it can’t be bumped and inadvertently changed and is a cleaner installation. But how to attach a sealed and painted wood wedge without doing damage or losing it in flight. OTOH the Aluminum is changeable and replaceable and probably won’t come off and land on my neighbor’s roof.
Any comments are greatly appreciated!

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