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S1 Seat Back support / Tall people problems..

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Aug 17, 2020
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Wayne, NJ
My recently purchased S1 has a carbon fiber seat back in it. Previous owner was shorter than me and wore a softie-type chute. I'm 6'1 and have long legs so I need my back as far back as possible to not hit my knees into the dash. So I am trying to utilize a seat-pack chute. This carbon board doesn't line up with the frame, and is a bit long, so I am going to start by trimming it down while also taking off the top lip. The bolt holes are on the curve of the pan and aren't really helping but I may try to recess it a bit so at least the bolts can go straight through the pan. I was looking at the aluminum webbing of seat bottom going, well maybe I can do that on the back but there's no space under the cubby to put material around the tubing. And I don't want to drill any more holes to rivet webbing in place because that weakens things. So I'm looking for suggestions. I was almost thinking of just a thin sheet of masonite/plywood or something along those lines that I can then put some padding on. Figured I would check in with the community and see what you all have to say! Thanks in advance!

carbon seat back 2.jpeg
carbon seat back 1.jpeg
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