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SA-100 Flying Wires

Dave Baxter

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Nov 14, 2007
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A friend of mine soon to be 90, has been working on his SA-100 for some time and it is covered through silver, and needs to be painted and assembled. But the one thing he still needs are flying and landing wires..

Does anyone know of some flying and landing wires for the SA-100 that could be found and bought at a reasonable price? The following are dimensions for my hanger partner Mike S and his SA-100 as well as the ones on my airplane. As you can see there are differences, and I think most wires that are in these ranges can be made to work. Either by making longer or shorter links or the self centering channel wire pull brackets the ones I used on my SA-100 were I believe from the V-Star!

Front Flying wires, from upper wing front face of spar at “I” strut with a self centering link, to link under lower engine mount spool.

5 1/6 X 24 X 77 3/4” , 78 1/8” Mikes. 75 7/8” both on Dave's airplane

Middle Landing wires, front spar lower wing at “I” strut to upper wing rear spar at rear of upper cabane strut, some airplanes have four wires, and if so two each side.

5/16 X 24 X 58 3/16” both Mikes. 57 1/4” long both Dave's two each Required. Note: Some SA-100s used two landing wires doubled, but most have only one per side.

Aft Flying wires from rear upper spar at “I” strut aft side of spar to front lower wing fitting first bolt at front of spar.

73 5/8” Both wires Mikes. 70 7/8” and 70 3/4” Dave's

Thanks in advance if anyone can help. Dave

SAM_4139 small.JPG
SAM_4141 small.JPG
SAM_4142 small.JPG
SAM_1185 small.JPG
SAM_1242 small.JPG
SAM_5551 small.JPG

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