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Selling IO360/ project bipe


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Jun 24, 2012
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I decided to part with my project nose wheel biplane and engine, I've got about 3k into aircraft and parts.
I bought a few flying wires for it to complete the main wing set (still needs the tail brace wires).
The aircraft is in need of repair, the lower RH wing is destroyed but I have a replacement set of ribs to help get started. You'll want to pull the fabric and look everything over before rebuild as it had a hard landing. (The fuse looks straight)
I have a box full of basic instruments for it as well. I just don't have the time or space to get the project off the ground. The aircraft at one time was powered by a Franklin engine and was featured in a magazine at one time.
The aircraft is registered in my name.

The engine is a Lycoming IO 360 (200HP),
I don't have the logs for it but it came out of a Mooney. It still has all the baffles, starter, alternator, prop governor, and exhaust. I have the shower of sparks ignition and ignition switch for it as well.
I topped the engine off with oil, cleaned the plugs, sprayed a little oil in the cylinders, hooked up a fuel line and it fired up and ran.
Looks like it was overhauled at some point, but no guarantees on the engine itself. I planned on pulling the cylinders, giving it a look inside and put new rings and gaskets and hang it on the front of the plane. I have around 9000$ into the engine.
I figured I'd post it here for interest.
9,000 buys the engine and you get the plane, instruments, and even flying wires for free!
Unfortunately I can't help load anything as I'm out of state for a while. I live in Temple Texas.
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