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Sensenich wood prop


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Nov 5, 2010
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Hi guys,
Just changed props to an Aymar Demuth with a bit less pitch with and a bit more climb so thought I'd put the Sensenich out there in case somebody is interested. It's a W76HM862G. I put it on new last year and it has about 25 hours of use. It was installed and torqued to spec, and then re torqued after the first hour. Only used it flying off paved runways. No dings. I believe it has the fiberglass reinforcement layer option based on the "G" code. The Acroduster Too is 180 HP O360. Numbers at 600 MSL and 70F: Static 2250, WOT 2700, cruise 2500 was giving me an honest 145. It runs smooth and I like it much better than the metal prop due to the fact I have the light crank flange. 1/2 inch bolt holes of course. Won't go on an O320. I think it would be a great Acro prop on a 200HP Pitts, or a great cruise prop on about any 180 hp bipe out there. 800 plus shipping. I have a decent box but I'd have to investigate options and costs depending on where, when, etc.


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