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Skybolt Project FS - Fuse on gear


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Jul 26, 2013
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I am finally realizing I just dont have the time, or wont make the time, to finish this skybolt project I bought. There will also be some potential move stuff in my future, so I am putting it up for sale.

I bought the Fuse as it sits ~2years ago from a guy in Denver. He worked with the original builder on welding it up. I have measured it and it looks good and straight. Welds look good. Light surface rust on tubes. Needs cabanes and fuse structure is done.

It comes with a lot of parts. Instruments are in. I believe he was planning on a sliding type canopy, based on the way he cut the instrument panels. I bought an Al sheet metal turtle deck and rails that would use an RV8 sliding canopy for this. Also have original fiberglass turtle deck.

Has brand new cleveland wheels, brakes, master cylinders. I picked up some flying wires from a member here 18 months ago - new. the tail is complete with flying wires (streamlined).

has 540 motor mount with it. Lots of rod ends, tubing, al former stock, some covering materials (older so ???).

last year I bought 3 of the steen wing rib jigs for top, bottom and ailerons. I was going to use these base jigs to make all the ribs and use Pitts style compression ribs. I also got a lot of 1/4 cap strip from Aircraft spruce and some 3/4 and 5/8 for these ribs. I got a sheet with all the main gussets and a couple plywood nose ribs from steen for a guide. I have some gusset ply and nose rib birch ply from A/S as well.

Give someone a good start on building a nice Skybolt.

Project is in the ATL area. Some delivery within SE area or meet up might be possible. Also I may be able to haul it North to N IN/ SW Michigan area ina couple months.

Asking $5,300 OBO for all of. trying not to part it out just yet.

d2racing at yahoo dot com or pm me here.




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