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Skybolt Tailslide


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Nov 25, 2008
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I was out flying this week doing hammerheads and wanted to try a tailslide. I enterd the vertical and just held it with power on. The result was a short slide with a wheels down pitch to a vertical nose down. There was very little control snatch but I was holding the stick tightly expecting it to be worse than it was. Then I proceeded to try it again cutting power as the airspeed went to zero. This resulted in a drastic slide. The reverse wind was very noticable and the resulting elevator snatch was pretty violent. The plane flopped wheels down and rotated past vertical almost to fully inverted before recovering to the vertical downline. Enought for one day. After getting backto the hangar and inspecting all controls, I didn't see anything bent or damaged however I do not think the elevator is built to handle such forces. I don't think I will be this agressive on my Bolt in the future.

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