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Small Bearings

Larry Lyons

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Oct 1, 2012
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NW Illinois
I have a few hundred two different size, brand new still in the box, shielded ball bearings. Both have one metal shield and one plastic shield. They are:

Part number, WC87008, KSK or some are PEER manufacturer.
Size, O.D. .970", I.D. .310", .404" wide or thick.

The smaller one is: number 608Z, NSK, O.D. .866", I.D. .310", .250 wide or thick.

They may be metric for all I know, many years ago my wife was in management at a small fractional horsepower electrical motor manufacturer. They changed motor design and these scapped out so being the scavenger I am I brought two boxes of them home. I have had them sitting around for over 25 years, time for them to go. Anyway if they are something you can design in to your control system and use I offer them here for $1.00 apiece plus shipping.
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