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Mar 10, 2017
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Well I've come to grips with Father Time and I'm going to let one of my Smith projects go . I have the one Smith that I'm deaply into into restoring and there will never be enough time left to to be able to get to another total refurbishing so this one is looking for a good home . It has never flown . It was built by a previous Pitts builder and the workmanship is a really good indication that he was not one to cobble anything . In my mind I don't want to let it go but reality is reality . It is built to plans with many improvements , material wise , and would be a project like you would want to find if you were looking for a very good start with minimal components to self build . It has a removable Doghouse , New 500X5 Clevelands (wheels and discs) no calipers , Scott tailwheel (non swivel) or a like new Maule tailwheel . The wings are really nice with the upper wing covered , never doped , with Ceconite , stitched and taped , lower wings , I removed the covers . Right wing ready to recover and left wing will need a new butt rib and one rib repaired . The butt rib is delamed and will need replacing and the broken rib will need a capstrip spliced in plus the fiberglass extension of he leading edge has been lost . At my speed , I figure two days just piddling and the wing would be like new and ready for recover . SS drag / antidrag wires 3/16'' with clevices and pins . I have no problem with cutting the inspection holes out in the upper wing to get a good look , I just haven't opened them up . Wouldn't have done that till ready to start on the refurbish . Engine mount is for Lycoming . I'm asking $2,500.00 . If you're even considering a Smith project , you'll not find a nicer start . It doe's come with N Struts , Center Cabanes , Rudder , Elevators and Stabelizers also . More pics if interested . Dennis


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