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Some Random Parts For Sale


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Feb 1, 2007
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I've got a few random things for sale. All prices are OBO.

3 1/8" cable driven Tachometer, $50. Overhauled in 2017 and used in my Christen Eagle. I replaced it because it read 50 RPM low. Shows 161.73 hours on the hour meter.

SOLD 3 1/8" cable driven Tach, $100. Came with a Skyote project that I'm working on. Shows 1.83 hours on the clock. I'm using an electric tach so I don't need it. Guaranteed to work.

3 1/8" mechanical oil pressure/temperature combo gauge, $195. Never been in a flying aircraft. I can find no markings on the back side, I think its from Wag Aero, but I really don't know. I did test it and it seemed to work fine.

SOLD Gascolator, $40. Unknown band or origin. Looks to be in usable shape.

SOLD ACS Gascolator with Bracket $85. AS&S p/n 10580 and 10371. In new, never used condition.

SOLD Kohler Primer p/n K-2406, $60. Used, seems to work freely. O-rings look good. I have not tested it yet though. I'll be happy to test for a potential buyer.

PM me with questions or if you're interested in a particular item. I'm happy to take more pics if needed.
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