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Spar damage


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Oct 5, 2007
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Thought I would run this past you guys and see the general thoughts.

I was recently transporting my Pitts(via trailer)and it sustained a little damage on the trip. It slipped from its wing rack and ripped through the fabric (doesnt matter as I was recovering anyway and the old cotton was weaker than Cleanex) but it began rubbing on the spar a little.

The damage is confined to one of the edges of the spar, is approx 6 inches long and 3/16th across. It is mostly "fuzzing" of the fibres although a small sliver 4" long about the thickness of a toothpick has come free.

Any thoughts regarding a fix? Is it likely to be a big problem?

Would really appreciate the forum thought and if KK happens to spot this youropinion would be brilliant too.


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