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Starduster project


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Oct 13, 2014
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I'm not really sure where I'm going with this but I'll throw it out there to see if there's any interest... as many of you know I crashed my Starduster last week. I would like to rebuild it, but I don't have the space to work on it. And selling it would get me back in the air a lot sooner. So anyway, I expect to sell it, either complete or possibly broken up.

The damage appears to be limited to the upper right wing, fuselage from the fin back (and of course the fin/rudder itself) and the left landing gear, though everything will have to be stripped to be sure. One cabane strut is bent, but the forward fuselage looks fine, including the landing gear attach points. The wing attach bolts came out easily, a good indication nothing is twisted there. All of the streamline wires are intact. Engine is an O-290G with flange reinforcement, electric starter & alternator, about 400 SMOH, undamaged I believe as I stopped the engine before I touched down and the prop (71×60 metal) is undamaged. Normal steam panel, com radio, mode C transponder with encoder. Cleveland wheels and brakes.

I have no idea at this point what it's all worth but I'll entertain offers or suggestions. Rather not break it up but it could well be worth more that way?


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May 30, 2009
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Springfield, WV
You really need to do a very detailed internal inspection of all 4 wings and CS. Any or all spars could be cracked, or maybe not? One needs to know!

It doesn't look too bad but in todays market it's possible for a moderatly damaged aircraft to be too expensive even if free. Of coarse the engine, propeller and wires have substantial value.

I wish I had the itch(I DON'T):) With hangars @ $50/month here space is not really an issue. (Been married almost 46 years and another project would end it)
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