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Starduster SA-100 and O-320 Lycoming


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Jul 14, 2011
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Well I'm ticked off. I'm losing my hangar. The closest thing to rent is 60 miles away through traffic. I've got no room at home for this crap and I'm not happy.

Let's see what sort of interest this will generate. Located at Reno/Stead in Reno Nevada

Off the market for now.

The SA-100 was completely rebuilt by a guy in Canada who did not lengthen the gear and within hours of getting it in tip top shape he bottomed out the gear and had a prop strike. Wrong bungee installed. The o-290G that was on there has been removed and I've bought a NEW case, NEW millennium 150hp complete cylinders, yellow tagged cam and lifters, yellow tagged mags, gaskets and bearings and push rod tubes and seals. The whole thing. The crankshaft either needs a .020 grind or new or use it as is. There are a couple of tiny imperfections on one rod journal and one main journal. Anyway, I've got $12500 in parts here for $8K. Firm, I can store this. All the baffles are there but should be used for patterns in some cases.

The SA-100 is ready to haul and has never spent a day outdoors since the complete re-build. $6K. The original short gear is in good shape. You could simply re-assemble the airplane and fly it on the low gear after replacing the bungee with the right one. Dave Baxter knows the part number. This is a famous airplane built by Gordon Nauta as N6385C in 1966. It has Reno race history under that registration. I have a photo of it in Race livery. I have the original data plate with 1314lb shown as the gross weight. If your local FAA mech guy is amenable I would call it parts and start from there. Build an LSA out of it. The paper trail does NOT make it back to Nauta. It goes to transport Canada.

I suppose if there is no interest I can cut the top wing apart and put it in a public storage until whenever. Or part it.

Radio/transponder standard instruments. Extremely well done restoration.
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