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Starduster Trim Tab Travel

Dave Baxter

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Nov 14, 2007
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Quote: Technical question? I need to know what is the correct degree of angle required for the trim tab on the Starduster Too. I have managed to engineer the entire trim tab system from the tab in the elevator; as shown; to the cockpit. I need to know this to so I know where to make the connections on the control handle of which I have yet to make. The drawings I have is very old and only show a sectional detail of the bowden cable , connection fittings & how they hook up to the trim tab's arm. This has been a real pain to work out with many happy hours just working out the best way to proceed. Any help you can provide me will be much appreciated Dave.

Not sure what to tell you Tom? We chatted some time ago regarding the servo tab I installed on my airplane, and that travels opposite of the elevator travel, I think I sent you copies of the drawings from Skybolt News this is what I did, and many other builders do. You chose not to go that way and instead went with the straight trim tab as on the plans, sheet # 10. This should be much easier to build the drawing depicts the trim tab arm length at 2 1/2" and also the way the bowden cable is mounted, but gives no other information, however it was intended to use a vernier cable that has approximately 3" inches of travel. The travel of the vernier and depending on the length of the arm would limit the trim tab up and down travel. These cables rotates and travels in either direction and also has a lock that is normally not used although I think it should have a positive stop in both directions. I think what you are asking is the, up and down travel of the tab? Mine works different than the straight tab, but I think the travel would be about the same, I will have to look at my airplane and check the travel with an angle meter, and after doing so will post the degree of travel. Dave
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