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Starduster wing drop

Apr 22, 2021
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South Wales
Hi all, from the UK. Our protracted Starduster Too rebuild reached the biggest (although not the last) milestone yesterday. It flew - and well !
As always we have a few snags to iron out but we know what to do with all of these - except one. I expect this topic has been debated here many times before but I can't find anything relevant so far, so all assistance gratefully accepted.
It flies right wing(s) low. Not horrendously low but enough to need fixing, it can't be flown hands off.
Part of the rebuild was a pretty much complete new lower right wing so I suppose it was too much to expect that it would go straight & level immediately.
We've adjusted the ailerons so we've got all four as in line with the trailing edges as we can, at this the stick is in the middle. There are no aileron trim tabs or aileron trim system.
Our first idea is to droop the right ailerons (a bit) but what we aren't familiar with is the vertical adjustment on the bottom rear attachment of the 'I' strut. It has the facility to bring the lower wing up or down in relation to the strut with a threaded vertical stud with locknuts above and below the strut lug. On rebuild we measured the (untouched) left wing and set the right to match because the right wing(s) had already been removed when we got the aircraft.
By adjusting the locknuts we can push the lower wing away from the 'I' strut a bit to warp the outer section of the wing ?
Is this an intentional adjustment or are we missing something vital here ?
Would this help with the right wing drop ?

Barry G

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