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Steen CAD plans and compression ribs


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Aug 26, 2009
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Hi everybody,

I am in the process of starting my Pitts project. I have both the S-1S plans and the CAD S-1C plans from Steen.

One thing in particular concerns me. Looking at the Steen plans, I cannot see any special instructions for the compression ribs, although everything I have read elsewhere tells me that the compression ribs have wider capstrip and plywood on both sides. The plans simply do not show this as far as I can see.
There are other details in the S-1C CAD plans that I have discovered to be either incorrect or incomplete. And I am a novice at airplane building, so this worries me.

An S-1C would be perfectly adequate for me, but I am thinking of building the S-1S simply because I trust the plans more. I want this to be first and foremost a sportplane, not an all out aerobatic contest performer.

Are Curtis Pitts' original plans, still sold by Steen, more complete/better?

I would appreciate any advice/insight on this. Thanks in advance.


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