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Steen tailwheel


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Jul 27, 2009
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I am waiting for my Steen tail wheel assembly and am starting to have reservations. Presently I have a Scott 3200 with decathlon leaf spring and two heavy maule chain springs. It is working very well except for the fact that the chains started to lossen up. The reason the chains have loosened up is the stearing ears on the 3200 are bending. The angle between the steering yoke on the rudder and the ears on the 3200 is not the best. When activated by the rudder peddles the force is more up at maybe 30 degreees instead of an ideal 0 degrees. Maybe the Decathlon spring is wrong, or maybe the two heavy maule chain springs are too much for the ears especially when considereing the 30 degree angle. In any case this is a little disturbing. I have purchased a Steen tailwheel assembly with the hopes of moving the CG forward and reducing some weight. This I am sure it will do but I do not hear of or see many aircraft with the Steen round spring unit. Has anyone any experience and if so is it favorable or unfavorable. A consensus as well as any ideas would be appreciated. I think tommorrow I will look at different flat springs and maybe change the chain springs.



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