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Jan 1, 2006
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Hi all.

A few months back I put up a subtle link in the footer on the welcome pagecalled advertise, I was dipping my toes in the water to see if I got any feedback...nothing as yet. I have decided I will start writing to vendors inviting them to have a banner. I may get a response, I may not. My reasoning for this, is really because I am fed up periodically posting a 'donate' post, I prefer not to be doing that, not fed up due to the low responses (thank you again to those who do), but more to do with fact that I really just don't like the cap-in-hand thing. Wealready have enough in the coffers until late Spring (primarily due to the occasional Skyboltbuilders manual contribution-thanks Randy!), but I was looking at upgrading our host package to a semi dedicated server since we seem to be getting bigger all the time, and wished to see if it was viable.

However, don't worry, there will never bepopups on this site, and the site wont end up looking like barnstormers.com with irritatinganimated banners all over the place. As you can see on the advertise link, there will be very select locations, aviation only,and limits for banners.

All this may work out, it may not. Either way, we will keep chugging along.

The donate linkin the footer will stay, on the off chance someone feels like contributing over time.

Other ways to help

-The classifieds category on here is free. If you happen to be successful in selling something, you can always donate a little something - it's still cheaper than trade a plane or barnstormers.

-Follow the Forum Rules. This means I spend less time administering and more time on my ownbuild. Yay!

Other stuff

Another behind the scenes upgrade in the future will be a database conversion. This forum started as a small site, and I never envisaged that it would be so popular. So, the database is actually just in Jet MSAccess format, which was fine back when'. I intend on converting this to the more robustMySQL format, which will involve a lot of work in porting over the db and rewriting SQL calls in many places in the code.

Meanwhile, I need to build this darn biplane! Where was I? ahh..that stubbornweld puddle.......



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