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Throttle Cables For Sale


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Jul 23, 2012
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Greetings to Pitts Forumators!

Some will notice that this is my first post in this forum, but please delay hitting the delete key just yet. I am a huge fan of the Pitts Specials, and while I do not own one, it is still on the bucket list.
Here is the deal. Years ago, I worked for a shop in the Sierra Foothills where we custom built and modified Pitts S-1(C&S) models (including work for Herb Ross as I am sure that there are some xxxHR Pitts owners here). When that shop closed, I inherited various parts and pieces that have been kicking around my hangar for years, and they need to be moved. I have approximately 10 of what I believe to be throttle cables for the S-1 series. They are tagged as "Cable Assy, Throttle", but research on the P/N (2995-034-3681) has not given me any info. They have the standard 10/32 threads on each end and the overall length is 46 1/4" See photos for more details (note: the cable is centered in the photo of the end, so one can do the math on various lengths). All of them are new, in original packaging, and the one that I opened works smooth. As they are quite old, I would be willing to let them go for $25.00/ea + shipping.

Anyway, I thought that I could find some folks here who might be able to use them. I will get the measurements today and post what I find, inclusive of a photo. If anyone has the specs on the throttle cable, please post it up.

Thanks for reading this, and please know that I did not join just to pedal stuff!


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