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Tube Bending.

Jun 12, 2013
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Hi All.

I am building my first biplane.

I have had lots of great people give me tips on how to do things, so I wanted to share with all you other new builders that success can be had, sometimes first shot!

The success I had came from watching the EAA hints for home builders, along with input from many great builders on this forum!

I made a tube bending buck out of 2 ply 5/4 Ash plank that was laminated together using PL builders adhesive.

I let it dry while away for work, then cut the radii for the curves that I wanted to bend my tubing...to accommodate for spring back I subtracted 1 in from my desired radii and that's what the routered slot is...(inside radius of tube).

I wasn't sure about how strong the pl was going to be so I reinforced my wood ply with some quarter inch all thread bolted on both sides with washers I had around...

Got a great tip from a builder nearby that instead of capping the ends of the tube just squish them and weld them shut with the sand packed inside...

Lastly I made myself a pin and a bracket to keep the tubing on the buck made out of mild steel strap just smashed in a vice...

I'm not a very heavy guy so I almost had to pull myself up onto the tubing and hang from it to get it to yield...and with a little bouncing almost like you're pulling yourself up to onto children's monkey bars as a kid...the tube started to yield and now I have a leading edge for vertical stab...

Thanks to all who gave me tips! On to building the rest of the tail feathers...


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