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uAvionix TailbeaconX, AV-20S, AV-30 gauges

Feb 9, 2015
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San Mateo, CA
I was intrigued by the uAvionix AV-30 display on Skippy's panel and did some research. uAvionix sells two multi-gauges, the 3 1/8" AV-30 and the 2 1/4" AV-20E. The gauges display way more information than a self respecting Pitts driver would ever use, but of interest, they can be configured to show just G, alongside useful stuff like timers and clocks.

What got my attention is the AV gauges can also serve as control heads for the uAvionix TailbeaconX, providing an all-in-one transponder/ADS-B solution. The TailbeaconX only weights 3.5 ounces, while the AV-20E weighs 5.5 ounces. That's an ADS-B out system weight of 9 ounces! I don't need (or want) the light on the TailbeaconX...however....

Going this route ditches the mechanical G meter gauge (1 lb) and the Trig ADS-B stuff (TT22 Transponder box, control head, and TN72 GPS, 1.7 lbs).

That turns 2.7 lbs into 9 ounces.

I also saw a video showing the built in warning mechanization on the MGL EMS-2, and could do without the red idiot light.

So, redrawing my panel plan, here it is with the AV-20E in place of the mechanical G meter and Trig TT22 control head, an iPad mini RAM mount on the right side, and no idiot lights.
2021 11 15 Panel.jpg
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