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Unlimited Skybolt


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Jun 1, 2008
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Hi everybody! Just found the forum today and signed up immediately.
I will be/ am building a Radial Skybolt. I started origionally back in the mid nineties, buying my original plans from Hale Wallace. I had the fuselage on it's extended Grove aluminum gear (to allow for the M-14P engine), tail feathers and had/ have started on the ribs. During a move the fuselage was damaged, and while muddling through how to or wether to repair it, Steen Aerolab announced the Radial version of the Skybolt, with a completely redesigned fuselage....... I made the call and scrapped the fuselage (ouch), time to start over. I do at least still have pictures of it on it's gear. I have ordered the new drawings and am now waiting anxiously for the plans to arrive.

Now to the fun part. I would like to build a competition (advanced and unlimited) capable Skybolt. Full span symmetrical ailerons upper and lower, Spring aluminum gear (I still have those), extra flying and landing wires, 4 hinge ailerons, with aileron hinge torque arms alla Super Stinker, and an M-14PF or M-14R (if I can find one when the time is right) and the requisite MT prop. It should be able to hover, which is the primary reason for full span ailerons (torque control at zero airspeed).I call it "Megabolt"

If you were going to build the "ultimate" Skybolt what changes would you make? How would you improve the breed? I'm going to build it, so now is the time to start planning how best to go about it. I welcome your input.


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