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Vintage Pitts photos


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Feb 17, 2008
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Hudson Valley, New York
Hello all,
For the past many years I have been collecting old, vintage aircraft photos and color slides. My main focus, in order to not go fully into the rabbit hole and have my special lady friend kick me out, has been local aviation history stuff (Hudson Valley, NY), and "interesting and unique" vintage and classic planes. I find old photos and especially old color slides to be just about as close as you can get to time travel. Having a lifetime love and obsession with Pitts aircraft, I have, at this point, quite a few photos and slides of Pitts, usually of the homebuilt S-1C variety, from the 60s - 80s.

So, I figured I'd start a thread and see if anyone was interested. Hopefully some of you can post photos you may have. The ultimate goal? Have one spot for a collection of photos of Pitts through the decades....maybe even get a photo of every one ever built! Now thats a goal!

Anyway, I'll start with these.
These are scans of color slides I have from the early-mid 1960s.






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