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Wanted - Stock Pitts S1 horizontal stabilizers


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Apr 23, 2018
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Leeward Air Ranch, Ocala Florida
Does anyone have stock Pitts S1 horizontal stabs available for sale? I'm looking to buy factory built or professionally built factory quality (or better) parts that are set up for strap hinges. Must fit factory fuselage and factory elevators. Modified for leading edge strut is likely ok - because if they aren't, I will. Low time (if anyone can really tell), not damaged and no corrosion or limited to very VERY minor. Standard leading edge shape. I'm picky and about ready to build my own but thought I'd check here first. Please let me know! Thanks all! 'Preciate your time.


Gary Sky Walker
Dec 7, 2017
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You may have gotten lucky. I have a set of strap horizontal stabs and elevators. These will require some slight modifications to fit a factory fuselage. I have a "Factory Pitts" fuselage and I tried to fit these stabs to it and they were slightly off. It has been my experience that all stabs require some modifications even if they are "Factory Pitts" or home built. The fit modification is made up with the forward attachment tube that both stabs insert over and is bolted to the fuselage. I just finished installing a set of "Factory Pitts" bearing stabs to a home built S1S Pitts so I know what is required. These strap horizontal and elevators are well made and have been primed and have no corrosion. One inside strap does not line up with this strap set and will require modification if both the stab and elevator are used together. These may be a time saver.

If you or another Biplane Forum member is interested call me and we can talk.

Gary Walker

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