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Watsonville Airshow pics


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Sep 15, 2006
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Hi all,

Today we drove 40 miles to a local airshow and fly-in at Watsonville Airport. I am attaching a few pics from the show that I thought were of particular interest. I had never been to this show before and was pleasantly surprised. There were lots of nice antiques including nearly 10 Cubs. Since we own a J-5 we are always interested in Cubs and similar era planes. There were actually quite a few more than were at Sun n' Fun. Also there were some beautiful Stearman, Wacos and the gorgeous Laird LC-1B-300 in the photo below. The gigantic biplane pictured was Russian made and flew up from Southern CA. Also pictured is the Boeing 40 from WA that was in the magazines recently. All in all it was a nice event with a few warbird demos and regional airshow performers.

Now I will get on my soapbox for a minute. A week ago was Airport Day at our home airport and sponsored primarily by the Wings of History Museum across the street. We spent the day under the wing of our J-5 talking to the local folks. Sat a few small kids in the cockpit and gave them a simple talk about how the controls worked and a bit about the plane's history with the adults. There were young Eagle's flights all day put on by another EAA Chapter. But sadly, there really weren't very many planes. What was worse is we know there are many more cool biplanes, homebuilts and antiques at the airport but the owners could not be bothered to bring them out for the locals to see. Some of the owners were even at the airport in their hangars but still could not bother. That is frustrating for us. In order for these events to be interesting, we all need to show up with our planes if they are at all cool! End of rant.

Pics below-



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