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Whos flown a Skyote?


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Dec 19, 2006
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Hi All,
Anybody out there able to take a few minutes and give us a pilot report on your Skyote experience? Building or flying, but especially flying info would be appreciated.
I own and fly a Bucker Jungmann, and it is a great airplane. I can't afford a Jungmeister, so that's why the Skyote intrigues me.
Everything I read about this airplane makes me want to start building one right away - even though there is no kit, and the plans are complicated. (From what I've been told....I haven't had the chance to study the plans.)
From what I understand, there are only about 12-15 of these flying in the world. A small pool of available aircraft, and being a single seater, they probably aren't loaned out too often. If you read this and know of a Skyote pilot/owner, please encourage him/her to join the forum and share whatever information they can.
I'm a member of the Skyote Group on Yahoo as well, and will pass along whatever I can to that Group.
Communication is key. Forums like this are great ways to learn and meet like-minded folks.
Thanks to all here that take time to post about their love of the biplane!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the best in 2007


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