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Wing Inspection Plate

Oct 26, 2018
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Houston, Texas
I am working on running a 1/4” tube through the upper left wing on the Starduster. After messing with static port location issues I’m finally biting the bullet and installing a pitot static boom through the leading edge. All seems to be going smooth with the exception of two ribs seem to be solid up near the leading edge. The fix is to drill a hole next to the pitot line. To do that I will need to get access between the ribs. If there are only two solid ribs I will need to panels. The leading edge is aluminum. There are two existing inspection plates near the pitot. I am thinking about duplicating these but maybe a slightly bigger diameter. I guess my biggest question is if this is acceptable to cut access holes through the bottom of the aluminum leading edge? Attached are a few pictures. The tape on the leading edge marks the solid ribs

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