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Wing Rib Jigs


Aug 14, 2007
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I decided to make jigs like the ones that Steen sells. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. My first question: Has anyone purchased the jigs from Steen and do they account for the errors on the copies (distances off by as much as an 1/8")?

I cut 3/4" MDF toa couple incheslarger thansize of a single rib. I then cut out thedrawing for therib andcoated the backof it and the MDF with spray adheasive and attached the drawing to the MDF. I coated theboard and drawing with varnish to protect it.I'm trying to drill the holes for the metal pegs and can't seem to get them exactly on the edge of the line on the print. I'm off as much as a 32nd on one. Second question: Are the jigs from Steen exact?

I was hoping to use the metal pegs, thinking it would be easier to removed the rib from the jig. Now I'm thinking about skipping the metal pegidea and just making blocks. Any thoughts?

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